Ajit Mishra’s Online Classroom: Differential Equations

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Ajit Mishra’s Online Classroom: Differential Equations.

In this post we will discuss about “Formation of Ordinary Differential Equations”

Let ;     f ( x , y , c1 ) = 0  ———————(1)

be an equation containing   x ,  y  an  on arbitrary constant   c1   .

Differentiating  (1)  we get ;

   ( Df/Dx ) + ( Df/Dx ) (dy/dx ) = 0 ——(2) 

equation  (2)  will in general contains   c1   . If   c1  be eliminated between  (1)  and  (2)  , we shall get a relation involving   x,  y  and   dy/dx  which will evidently be a differential equation  of the first order .

This is my another blog post released from my Online Classroom of Mathematics . In this post you will see a shot discussion about Differential Equation which is very important topic in Calculus .

To see this blog post in detail please click on the given Image or Link .


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